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Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) is not part of any city but is nestled among several. The airport is surrounded by Minneapolis, St. Paul and the suburban cities of Bloomington, Eagan, Mendota Heights and Richfield.

MSP has one airfield with four runways and two terminal buildings - theTerminal 1-Lindbergh and Terminal 2-Humphrey -each with adjoining parking ramp facilities. Travelers who need to transfer from one terminal to the other use the light rail transit service. There is no pedestrian access between the buildings.

The airport is managed and run by the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC), a public corporation established in 1943 by the Minnesota State legislature to provide for coordinated aviation services throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

MSP Ranking and Awards

In 2012, MSP served 33 million passengers and accommodated 425,332 landings and takeoffs making it 16th in North America for the number of travelers served.

MSP's 3,400 acres arguably comprise the most valuable economic generator between the St. Croix River and Seattle, supporting more than 76,000 jobs, $10.1 billion in business revenue, $3 billion in personal income, $1.9 billion in local purchases, and $611 million in state and local taxes. Click here to watch MSP: Sustaining a First Class Economy , a video detailing the economic impact of MSP.

The airport and its leadership have received various awards in numerous categories, including safety, fiscal management, labor relations, legal oversight, snow and ice control, concessions, airport design and development, and marketing and communications.

Most recently, in 2012, Airport Revenue News, the industry leader in airport concession news, awarded MSP its Frequent Traveler Award for the Airport with the Best Retail Design .


The MAC uses funds from concession revenues, lease agreements and airline fees to operate the airport. Funding for airport improvements comes primarily from passenger facility charges, federal grants and bond sales as well as from revenue generated through airport operations.

Unlike other public organizations in Minnesota, the MAC receives no operations funding from state, federal or local income, sales or property taxes.

In 2012, 37 percent of revenues came from airline rates and charges, 46 percent from parking and concessions, and 17 percent from other sources, such as building and ground rents.



Covered parking is available in ramps across from both terminals at MSP. Both ramps are connected to the terminals via climate-controlled skyways.

Parking Tips and Tricks

  • Plan Ahead: For information on parking availability, use the real-time parking information system: SurePark ®. Check it out online or call 1-877-FLY-PARK ( 1-877-359-7275 ). Parking rates are also available at this number.
  • Choose the Correct Terminal: Know which terminal your airline flies from
  • Choose MSP Value Parking: During certain times of the year, parking ramps at Terminal 1-Lindbergh can become completely filled for brief periods mid-week. Choose MSP Value Parking instead and save $6 per day. MSP Value Parking is located across from the Terminal 2-Humphrey and directly adjacent to the light rail station. Free Light Rail Transit service is available for returning to the Lindbergh Terminal. Allow 30 minutes for parking and transportation between terminals.
  • Use ePark®: Save $2 per day by using ePark®. Simply insert your credit or debit card into the card reader at the ramp entrance. This will record the time you entered airport parking. Use the same credit or debit card to pay at an ePark® exit lane . The system is fully automated; there is no waiting in line for a cashier. The ePark® option is available in the MSP Value, General and Short Term parking facilities. A receipt is available at the push of a button.
  • Use SurePark®: SurePark ® allows you to get information about parking availability before you arrive at the airport.

Height Restrictions and Special Vehicle Types

Oversized vehicle traffic and parking are restricted.

  • Vehicle height clearances are signed 6 feet, 10 inches, or 7 feet in all MSP Value and General parking ramps. Short Term and handicap van accessible parking (located in Short Term) is 8 feet, 2 inches.
  • Airport roadway clearances are 11 feet, 8 inches.
  • Motorcycle parking is prohibited in the airport's parking ramps.
  • Bicycle racks are available at both terminals. Information about biking to either terminal is available from our Bike Access map .
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are located in parking ramps at both terminals. At Terminal 1-Lindbergh five charging stations can be found in general parking, level 8 of both the Red and Blue ramps. At Terminal 2-Humprey four charging stations can be found in MSP Value Parking, Orange ramp on level 7. There is no additional fee to charge electric vehicles.

general parking

Terminal 1-Lindbergh

Covered General parking is available at Terminal 1-Lindbergh. General parking ramps are designed for visits of more than 11 hours . The Green and Gold General parking ramps at the Lindbergh Terminal are connected to the terminal via enclosed skyways on Level 3. From the Red and Blue ramps, take the underground tram from Level T to the terminal.

First hour $6 $8
Each additional hour $2 $2

Terminal 2-Humphrey

MSP Value Parking at Terminal 2-Humphrey is connected to the Humphrey terminal via an enclosed skyway on Level 2 and to the Terminal 1-Lindbergh via light rail.

First hour $6 $8
Each additional hour $2 $2

A range of services offering travelers transportation to and from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) is available.

Taxi , limousine, van and shuttle services , and car rental companies all operate at MSP.

Public transportation is available through Metro Transit , which provides both Light Rail Transit and public bus service within the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

Jefferson Lines scheduled bus service is also available.

Inter-Terminal Transportation

People needing to travel between MSP's terminals can do so via free Light Rail Transit (LRT) service.

Trains run between terminals around the clock, seven days a week, every 7 to 8 minutes during peak times and 10 to 15 minutes at other times of day. The Light Rail Transit page has more information about LRT service at MSP.

Find out more about MSP's Inter-Terminal Shuttle Service for passengers who are disabled or have special needs.

Ground Transportation Information

The Terminal 1-Lindbergh Ground Transportation booth on Level T is staffed seven days a week from 6 a.m. to midnight. Staff provides information, directions and other assistance to travelers.


Fourteen commercial passenger airlines service the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP); 9 are located at Terminal 1-Lindbergh and 5 are located at the Terminal 2-Humphrey.

Terminal 1-Lindbergh
Airline: Air Canada
Terminal: 1
Concourse(s): E
Reservations: 1-888-247-2262
TTY Number: 1-800-361-8071
Airline: Air France
Terminal: 1
Concourse(s): G
Reservations: 800-237-2747
Airline: Alaska Airlines
Terminal: 1
Concourse(s): F
Reservations: 1-800-426-0333
TTY Number: 1-800-682-2221
Airline: American Airlines
Terminal: 1
Concourse(s): E
Reservations: 1-800-433-7300
TTY Number: 1-800-543-1586
Airline: Delta Air Lines
Terminal: 1
Concourse(s): A, B, C, D, F, G
Reservations: 1-800-221-1212
TTY Number: 1-800-831-4488
Airline: Frontier Airlines
Terminal: 1
Concourse(s): E
Reservations: 1-800-432-1359
Airline: Great Lakes Airlines
Terminal: 1
Concourse(s): E
Reservations: 1-800-554-5111
Airline: United Airlines
Terminal: 1
Concourse(s): E
Reservations: 1-800-241-6522
TTY Number: 1-800-323-0170
Airline: US Airways
Terminal: 1
Concourse(s): E
Reservations: 1-800-428-4322
TTY Number: 1-800-245-2966
Airline: Air Tran Airways
Terminal: 2
Concourse(s): H
Reservations: 1-800-247-8726
Airline: Icelandair
Terminal: 2
Concourse(s): H
Reservations: 1-800-223-5500
TTY Number: 1-800-554-4833
Airline: Southwest Airlines
Terminal: 2
Concourse(s): H
Reservations: 1-800-435-9792
TTY Number: 1-800-533-1305
Airline: Spirit Airlines
Terminal: 2
Concourse(s): H
Reservations: 1-800-772-7117
TTY Number: 1-800-955-8771
Airline: Sun Country Airlines
Terminal: 2
Concourse(s): H
Reservations: 1-800-359-6786

airline services

Airline Clubs

Delta offers two Sky Clubs at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Both are located at Terminal 1-Lindbergh . One is located near the entrance to the F and G concourses. The second is located on the C concourse, near Gate C12.

United Airlines has a United Club on the E concourse between gates E6 and E8.

Baggage Claim

At Terminal 1-Lindbergh , most airlines have designated baggage carousels with offices close by. Delta Air Lines passengers should check one of the bag claim information screens located on the Baggage Claim Level to confirm which carousel their baggage will arrive on. All other airlines typically use carousels 8 through 12.

Baggage carousels at Terminal 2-Humphrey are shared by the airlines. Please check a flight information monitor for the location of your flight's baggage carousel.

Persons with Disabilities

The airlines are responsible for assisting passengers with disabilities to transition through the airport. Please see the Accessibility section for more information about wheelchairs, electric carts and other special assistance topics.

Rebooking Services

Delta Air Lines provides four Need Help? centers at Terminal 1-Lindbergh. They are located near gates C2, C13, F1 and G10. The centers are staffed and have Delta scanners available for your rebooking needs.

check in & bag check

Most airlines recommend passengers check in at minimum 90 minutes prior to a domestic flight and 2 hours prior to an international flight. Please check with your airline for its specific check-in requirements.

Your airline's website will also have specific information about the number and size of bags allowed, as well as information about any applicable fees.

Terminal 1-Lindbergh

All Terminal 1-Lindbergh airlines offer ticketing and bag-check services in the Ticketing Lobby , located on Level 2 off the upper roadway, west of the Green and Gold parking ramps, one level above Baggage Claim. The Ticketing Lobby is connected to the Green and Gold parking ramps via skyway.

From the Blue and Red parking ramps , take the underground tram to the terminal and go up two levels to the Ticketing Lobby.

From short term parking , enter the terminal on Level T and take an escalator or elevator to the Ticketing Lobby.

Delta Air Lines also offers electronic check-in services at three alternate sites:

  1. Far (south) end of the east upper-level roadway , adjacent to the Gold parking ramp
  2. Inside the Lindbergh Terminal on Level T, one level below Baggage Claim
  3. Near Checkpoint 10 on the Concourse Connector between the Red and Blue parking ramps (carry-on bags only)

Most airlines offer curbside check-in services on the roadway next to the terminal. Look for your airline on the corresponding door signs outside the Ticketing Lobby on the upper roadway.

Delta Air Line's group check-in is located on Level T of the Lindbergh Terminal.

Check our Airlines section to determine which terminal your airline flies from.

Terminal 2-Humphrey

At Terminal 2-Humphrey, you can purchase a ticket, obtain a boarding pass and check your luggage in the building's Ticketing Lobby. The lobby is located on Level 1 of the building, directly across from the Purple parking ramp. Some airlines also offer curbside check-in services in front of the terminal.

Check our Airlines section to determine which terminal your airline flies from.


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